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Levels of Learning

Understanding what level your children are learning at will help you plan assignments for them that are appropriate to their level. This helps them to excel more than if you give them assignments they are incapable of doing well.


Discovery Learners

Ages 0 to 10-ish

Physically exhausting

Time to instill character education

Habits learned

Memorizes easily

Prefers oral work

Literal thinkers-cannot think in the abstract

Needs large amounts of physical and hands-on activity

Mom is paramount


Analysis Learners

Ages 10-ish to 14-ish

Emotionally exhausting

Time to learn ethics

Argumentative-they are learning to think for themselves; ask “Yeah,but….” questions

Begin logical thinking processes, more abstract Want to dig deeper in areas of interest or talent

More able to commit long-term (music lessons, hobbies, etc.)

Personalities developing more fully

Beginning to want a larger social circle

Mom is still paramount


Application Learners

Ages 15-ish and up

Mentally exhausting

Budding adults-need validations and freedom to become

Opinions and specializations solidifying

Learning how the world and its rules apply to them

Deeper thinkers

Need more interaction with mentors, leaders and adults who can guide them

Mom is still paramount