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Becca’s Barebones Curriculum List

General planning- The Well-Trained Mind by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer, Teaching the Trivium by Harvey and Susan Bluedorn, a library card, the Ensign, the scriptures, a schedule and curriculum plan

Discovery learners-The Scripture Readers (there are four- all available from the LDS Distribution Center), The Friend, the Gospel Art Kit, McGuffey’s Readers (set of six), McGuffey’s Speller, phonics cards from The Writing Road to Reading (can be made or purchased), a timeline, arts and craft supplies

Analysis learners-The New Era, 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, scriptures, Abeka Grammar and Composition Handbook and Workbook, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? by Richard J. Maybury, Whatever Happened to Justice? by Richard J. Maybury, a good math course, a timeline, Sunday Editorial page (newspaper), Introductory Logic published by Mars Hill Press, a nature notebook

Application learners-The New Era, the Ensign, scriptures, The Making of America and Study Guide published through the National Center for Constitutional Studies, Sunday Editorial page (newspaper), a good math course (and possibly tutor), a timeline, supplies to allow for study in their area of specialization, a nature notebook

To the above add a variety of books, maps, pictures, DVDs, etc. Science is most exciting when explored as a hands-on course. Many series and/or individual books are available from the library. History is simply the study of what has happened. Use real stories about read people doing things that matter. Keep it relatable and fun. Social studies is simply a mix of both history and science. Literature works best when integrated with your history study. (DO NOT allow “dumbed down” books in your home!) Music and art can be explored as individual units or as part of your standard curriculum. Above all else, teach your children to read, write, and reason, then you will be sending adults into the world prepared to understand life’s absolutes, stand on their own, and be a beacon for those looking for someone to help them find their way.