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History for Homeschoolers

I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided and that is the lamp of experience.
I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past.
Patrick Henry
History is the story of anything that has ever happened. Science, art, music religious history, family history all contribute to the history of the human family.

Use good books-real books-rather than text books for your history study. Biographies, auto-biographies, family histories, scriptural history, historical fiction, maps; documents and speeches are great places to find inspiring and edifying stories. Scour secon-hand stores, grandma’s attic, sales, itc. for great finds. Before you spend money, ask around or check resource lists to fing history worth reading and re-reading. Some olver books may have uninspiring texts by wonderful pictures. Save the picture for a timeline and discard the text. Look at maps, atlases, photographs, literature, or the arts and music of the period and/or region you are studying. Ore the books will ahve great information but no illustration. Fined related pictures in other books and combine them to help bring history alive. Help your children see that all people are worth our understanding and respect.

Many have found it helpful to study history in a four year rotation. Ancient history, medieval and renaissance/reformation, early modern history, late modern is a fairly common division. Our fmaily adds summer units on anything not given enough time during the school year. Constitutional studies, worldviews, religious history are just a few things we have found can use extra attention. Having a plan lessens the probability that one time period will be studied at the expens of another. (i.e.) American history without world history, or getting stuck on the Civil War and never moving on to the 20th Century, for example.)