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Yellow badge for the Writing & Illustrating for Young Readers 2015 Conference     Jeanette-Ingold-class-20071

Writing a novel is a creative endeavor. It’s the kind of work that requires imagination.

It’s a journey.

Sometimes you need guidance in this journey. Years ago I attended Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers for the first time. I’ve been several times since them and am now privileged to work on the committee of assistants who organize the conference.

Every time I attend WIFYR something pivotal happens in my writing.

Rick Walton helped me to understand rhyme. Really understand.

Jeanette Ingold inspired me to keep writing.

I left Ann Dee Ellis’ class knowing that I was a writer. I learned to claim that.

I’d never really learned to connect with my characters the way Kathleen Duey taught. My characters became more three-dimensional after her class.

My writing has transformed over the years as I’ve learned from amazing editors, agents and authors. I’m grateful for this journey.

I look forward to whatever pivotal experience I’m going to have in David Farland’s class in June.